Yessenia Brings Smiles During The Holidays

Yessenia Tapia began services with The Choice Group in the early 2020 to complete situational assessments. Through these assessments, Yessenia determined that she’d like to pursue a job in a retail environment. Yessenia then began working with her Vocational Counselor, Gabby, to search for jobs that met her preferences. This was a difficult time because it was directly in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and many employers were limiting their hiring and/or still enduring lay offs. Above all of that, it was going to be Yessenia’s first job. 

Yessenia worked hard applying to various retail employers. With the support of her Vocational Counselor, Gabby, helping her to develop and prepare for interviews, she was able to successfully obtain employment with the Burlington in Hancock Village in Chesterfield as a part-time store associate. Yessenia began this position in October and worked with her Vocational Counselor on learning her assigned tasks including store markdowns, recovery, and greeting customers, increasing her confidence, developing interpersonal communication. Yessenia quickly acclimated to her tasks but needed a bit of additional time to come out of her shell. With support from her Vocational Counselor as well as many natural supports in the store, she also began mastering these skills and was becoming more independent. At this point, Yessenia began to truly shine. 

Yessenia started her position brand new to the world of work and shy when navigating conversations, and now successfully worked Black Friday, Christmas Eve, the Day after Christmas and is a frequent smiling face at Burlington. Many customers have appreciated Yessenia going above and beyond and helping them navigate item location by walking them over to the items. Yessenia’s managers have mentioned that she has been a key asset in helping them obtain store mark down compliance and she continues to be a valued member of their team every day. Yessenia says she is very happy in her position and is grateful for all the support she received from The Choice Group along the way! 


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