Peter Mance Jr.'s PBS debut


Justin Cordin met Peter Mance Jr. ,family-centered outdoor and traveling enthusiast on February 2020. Cordin introduced Mance to various interviewing techniques to help him communicate with HR professionals which could determine prospective jobs he would apply for.

Mance brought to the table an array of personal strengths such as determination, ambition and a fearless personality which contributed to his success.

This meant Cordin had a great canvas to work with! He helped Mance find ways to favorably package and present past work experiences (including working as an on-camera TV host, production and some filming) to future employers.

For example, Mance and his mom created and run a T.V. series and Cordin together with Mance reviewed ways to pitch the idea as a series to T.V. executives.

Since their meeting, Mance has improved in leaps and bounds. It is evident in his newfound confidence when engaging in dialogue. He was previously reticent and nervous when speaking.

While Mance is currently not with an employer, Pre-ETS has assisted him in landing an opportunity on TV with PBS! Mance’s meeting proved fruitful and the executives at PBS are on board with pushing the aforementioned series to be aired on their network soon. This was a massive milestone for him.

Pre- ETS continues to support Peter Mance Jr. motivationally, while providing him with more examples of how to effectively communicate with others.


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