Front Line Health Care Worker - Project SEARCH

Ericka Neville Manager — Hampton Roads

Following the successful completion of Project SEARCH, our client was hired at the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center as a Care Partner in Surgical Admitting Unit- Phase II. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, all elective surgeries have been cancelled and our client was scheduled to be transferred to a new department. 

Serving her in Long Term Employment Support Services, The Choice Group has had to adjust the ways we support her in this critical role. With The Choice Group staff staying in touch with the client, her mom, and her manager at the Medical Center, we have ensured this frontline employee was able to remain in her current department, in lieu of the scheduled transfer. Further, utilizing remote strategies, her Vocational Counselor was able to ensure our client was able to safely adjust to her new critical roles and responsibilities which include taking employees’ temperatures as they report to work.  

We thank our client for her hard work, dedication to her job and working the frontline in order to ensure the health and safety of hospital staff and patients.


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