Customer Service With A Smile: Gina's Success Story

Customer Service With A Smile: Gina's Success Story

As soon as you walk into this grocery store you can’t miss Gina Loucks. She will be the first person to greet you and ask if she can help you. As a Courtesy Clerk, Gina is responsible for completing floor sweeps, collecting carts, bagging groceries, helping customers find products, and taking groceries out to customers’ cars. She has been working at her current employer since 2011 and loves what she does.  Ericka Neville, Vocational Counselor from The Choice Group, began working with Gina in 2010 to help her find a job that would be a good match for her skills and abilities. Gina is a people person and gets joy from helping others. Gina and Ericka worked to identify positions where she could interact with others, submitted applications, and practiced interviewing skills together. When Gina attended an interview with this grocery store, she knew right away that this was the job she wanted.  She was hired, began working in May 2011, and to this day continues to give 100% during every shift. Her managers say that she is always reliable and always helps out whenever they are short staffed. Gina starts working as soon as she clocks in and knows exactly what she is supposed to do. Although, more than anything, Gina’s smile, friendliness towards customers, and positive attitude is what makes her stand out. Gina has been recognized as the Employee of the Month in the past and gets customer compliments almost weekly for going the extra mile. Gina recalls the time that she found a tablet in an empty cart in the parking lot and returned it to Customer Service right away. When the customer realized that she had left it and returned to the store, she made sure to thank Gina for finding and returning the device. Her managers appreciate how she consistently goes above and beyond expectations for the customers. Ericka enjoys hearing the praise from both managers and customers when visiting Gina at work, monthly and is proud of the commitment Gina shows to her job.

When Gina is not working, she enjoys bowling and is part of a local bowling league. She likes adult coloring books, watching TV, and spending time with her family.


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