Nathan is a Valued Employee & Coworker

When meeting with Heather about telling his story, Nathan insisted his manager, Tracey, be in the photo with him!

Nathan is a very personable and hardworking individual.  He has been working at Arby’s in Fredericksburg since March of this year, and his Choice Group Counselor, Heather, along with all of his coworkers agree that his smile and laugh are infectious.  

As a Utilities Maintenance Worker, Nathan’s tasks include keeping the dining room and kitchen areas tidy.  When he first started training, Heather was there to show him how tasks were to be completed— his previous experience with cleaning and maintenance certainly helped!  This method of training, as opposed to verbal direction, helped Nathan to learn and be successful in his position.  Together, they created a checklist for him to follow when cleaning the dining area.  This always helps him to thoroughly and efficiently complete the task, something that is very important to Nathan.  He greets guests and helps his coworkers wherever he’s needed, and his other duties include stocking the drink station, washing dishes and taking out the trash.  However, greeting and assisting guests has become his favorite, especially when he sees “regulars” walk through the door.

Heather now does follow along visits once a month.  She sometimes assists with learning new tasks (last month it was filling the sauce dispensers) and answering any questions he may have such as when it’s appropriate to ask for time off versus an adjusted schedule. 

During his employment, she's noticed his improvements in job performance, but also that he seems to be coming out of his shell.  He has developed great working relationships with his managers and coworkers.  Upon her last visit, Nathan, along with the rest of his coworkers, was excited to tell the story of how they surprised him with a birthday party when he came into work one day! Complete with cake, cards, and gifts, his coworkers kept saying how happy they were to do something for him on his special day.  Tracey, one of Nathan’s managers spoke to Heather about how valued he is at Arby’s not only for the work he does but his always positive personality.  

Nathan shares his infectious smile and humor throughout the many activities and organizations he’s involved with in his community.  Just last summer, Nathan competed in the Special Olympics on a softball team who won the gold!  Of course, he brought it in to show everyone at work! 


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