Tim Wright & The Farm Fresh Family!

Tim is one of the best clients and people you are ever likely to meet. He is kind, respectful, incredibly hardworking and motivated. Tim has been voted Employee of the Month by his coworkers TWICE now— he just was voted again this past week!

Tim is a Courtesy Clerk at Farm Fresh. He bags groceries, collects carts, assists customers to their cars, runs items back to shelves that customers decide not to buy, and does light cleaning. In addition, he will help out wherever needed in the store.

When first starting to work with Tim, one area we focused on was interviewing skills.  During Job Development, I worked with him on building his confidence, practicing answers to interview questions and helping him get over his nervousness.  He was always on time for meetings and appointments during Job Development and always checked in weekly.

When we came across the Farm Fresh position, Tim wasn’t sure he would be good at collecting carts.  Initially, with the Manager’s approval, we started with collecting just a few carts at a time .  Later, Tim became comfortable bringing in multiple carts and now excels at every aspect of the job.  Now receiving long-term Follow Along services, Tim is now happy and comfortable in his position and is surrounded by a supportive team environment.  When I asked him what this job has done for him the most, he said it built his confidence.

 His managers, coworkers, and the customers of Farm Fresh love Tim. Managers say he is one of their best employees. Manager Dave said there is nothing he won’t do to help out the team. Tim always works hard and has helped numerous times when they were short staffed by coming in last-minute. Tim loves working and loves his job. He is definitely one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and inspiring people I know. He always wants to help out, and is a pleasant and cheerful person— a joy to be around!

I speak to Tim and his managers monthly and I speak to his mom and dad on occasion.  My favorite times are when I get to visit Tim and see him in action!  I try to visit Farm Fresh whenever I’m in the area, even though he is in LTESS now and completely independent.  Recently, I have been helping him bring up the issue of a raise, and after his evaluation, he received one!  Tim will have been working at Farm Fresh for two years this July!  


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