Meet Our Virginia Beach Counselors!

      Meet our Virginia Beach Staff!  With such a large area to serve, including an abundant military presence, our counselors are dedicated to their clients.  It is a source of deep personal satisfaction when we help our clients achieve a new level of independence through gainful employment.  Some of our clients are looking to supplement their disability benefits while others are working to achieve full financial independence through various programs such as Ticket to Work.  Whatever your financial goals, finding meaningful employment can be a part of a well-rounded, enriching lifestyle.  Our knowledgeable and resourceful staff can help you lay the groundwork for whatever your employment goals may be.

Tracie Showalter

Renee Arnold

Kim Heisser

Lisa Handke

Rebecca Allen

Sarah Morgan

Kim Yoakum

Rachel McGregor

Liz Collison

Katherine Edwards

Roxanne Monroe

Amorita Clark

Nancy McNamara - Lead Counselor


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