Benefits of Workplace Diversity

     Straight from EARN exchange, Business and Disability Blog are top reasons why having an inclusive and diverse workforce has a strategic advantage.  During the month of October, National Disability Employment Awareness month, take time to think about how your business could benefit from diverse perspectives.

Benefits of Diversity

Diverse workplaces have a distinct strategic advantage over less diverse competitors.

Some of the most significant benefits of workforce diversity include:

-The opportunity to capitalize on the diverse knowledge-base of workers when relating to different groups, including customers, partners and staff
-Increased innovation and creativity
-Reduced skills shortages
-Improved customer services
-Increased opportunities for external interactions and communications
-Reputational benefits related to valuation of social responsibility
-Increased organizational stability

Embracing diverse workplaces is increasingly important in light of demographic shifts as millions of baby boomers enter retirement and minority groups make up an increasingly large share of the workforce.

Disability IS Diversity

Traditionally, workplace diversity has focused on race and gender, but in more recent years this concept has evolved to include a much wider range of attributes, including disability. Disability is a unique diversity category that crosses all racial, gender, education, and socioeconomic lines.

People with disabilities account for over 5.5% of those employed nationwide. While the precise percentage varies among sectors, individuals with disabilities represent an important segment of every organization's diverse workforce. 

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