Ditch Outdated Misconceptions & Let Your Workplace Thrive!

    There are a lot of misconceptions out there among employers surrounding the topic of hiring people with disabilities.  False ideas that employees with disabilities will need more sick days or leave, ideas that job accommodations will be costly, and even that work tasks will not be performed to par.  In so many cases, this could not be further from the truth.

     The profile of an employee with a disability is that of a top performing employee.  With little to no absences and a steady output of progress on tasks assigned to them, a person with a disability can be the backbone in your workforce.
     Job accommodations for people with disabilities are most commonly low-tech solutions that won’t cost the employer very much if anything at all.  Through the Job Accommodations Network (JAN), employers have access to free consultations and advice no matter the size of their business and even compliance assistance for federal or state employers. 

     An inclusive work environment has proven time and time again to boost morale within the workplace which bolsters all around productivity.  If you’re looking for such an opportunity in your business, The Choice Group continues to be a preferred resource for employers seeking to hire individuals with disabilities.  We not only provide continuing support and on-site job training, it’s at no extra cost to the employer.  Let your workplace thrive! 


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