Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Chanell Shines At A Local Elementary School

Vocational Counselor Rachel McGregor began working with Chanell Teasley in the Summer of 2017. Beginning in September of 2018, Rachel helped her find work at a local elementary school. "Chanell has always had an interest in food services as well as in childcare. We decided to look at a position within the schools where she could blend both interests” McGregor said. Chanell is very friendly and loves people. She uses her fun personality to interact with the students and also has great attention to detail and is able to learn tasks quickly. Chanell has grown with her independence and confidence as she has been working at the school. Her tasks include but are not limited to prepping the food, serving the students, cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes as needed. Before finding the job at the local elementary school, Chanell worked on improving her stamina while participating in Project SEARCH. She was able to build up to be able to work for several hours on her feet. Chanell also focused on her interviewing skills after she graduated from Project SEARCH. She attended a few other interviews where she was able to practice her skills and work on how to answer the tougher questions. Initially, Chanell was very nervous about starting a job in a new environment she was not familiar with. She quickly adjusted with the support of her co-workers who have embraced her as part of the team. Chanell loves her work and has grown to be a hard worker who works as part of the team.
Rachel checks in with her and her manager as needed but Chanell is very independent on the job and is doing great! In her free time Chanell loves to dance and make people laugh. She also enjoys going bowling on the weekends with her friends and spending time with her family and friends.

Counselor Feature: Zee Truitt

Zee has been working for The Choice Group serving the Hampton Roads area for one month and is fitting in perfectly. Zee enjoyed working with her first client because she was able to work with them on her own and was so grateful to get to work with them so quickly. She was able to work with her client one on one and found the experience extremely rewarding. Zee is so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work at The Choice Group and feels like she is truly fulfilling her purpose in life. Welcome to the family, Zee, we are so glad to have you on our team! 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Claire Adams- Counselor Feature

Claire Adams has been with The Choice Group for over a year now and works the South Hampton Roads area, mainly the Oceanfront and Norfolk.

Her most memorable experience with The Choice Group was the day that one of her most challenging clients transitioned from struggling to maintain jobs to “one of the most treasured employees who brings joy to the entire kitchen”. This client found a job, with the help of Claire, at Chick-fil-A where his manager raves about him and it has been one of her proudest and most memorable experiences. 

Claire says she has learned so much about the value of persistence and patience, the power of advocating for client needs, the importance of educating client co-workers and developing a strong relationship with client managers, and the impact of team work.

Claire loves getting to know her clients and watching them achieve their goals which she finds incredibly rewarding. She says that she loves people and that this job has opened the door for her to connect with and help people in a way she had not previously experienced. She has noticed an incredible amount of personal growth since she has been working with The Choice Group and that is very grateful to be a member of the team!