Sunday, June 19, 2016

Justin's Success Story!

My client, Justin, works at Walmart in Locust Grove, VA as a Maintenance Associate. Justin has worked at Walmart since it’s opening in July 2013. I started working with Justin when I joined The Choice Group in September 2013 and have continued to work with him through Follow-Along checks each month. Justin has chronic kidney failure and a Specific Learning Disability, which has presented some challenges with maintaining employment. Due to the kidney failure, Justin is unable to work in extreme heat and drinks water throughout his work shifts to maintain his health. When completing computer-based training, as required by his employer, Justin requires my assistance with reading and comprehension of information. Justin is a care-free individual, with high motivation to work, and a desire to contribute to society. Because of his positive, go-getter attitude, Justin comes to Walmart to work even on days that he is not scheduled. He lives in a neighborhood directly behind Walmart, making it easy for Justin to walk to work whenever he wants.

As a Maintenance Associate, Justin is responsible for cleaning the store and maintaining the cleanliness of all areas. Justin cleans bathrooms, sweeps, mops, removes trash, and cleans windows. Before obtaining work, Justin participated in Special Olympics activities, and particularly enjoyed basketball. He continues to play on a team and enjoys telling others about his team’s success. Since obtaining work, Justin has been able to balance both work and playing basketball with the help of his family. Work has provided Justin with a means to earn his own income, feel part of a work family, and gives him something to look forward to each time he is scheduled.  When Justin is at work, he is able to follow a checklist of tasks, and communicate with other associates about spills or other tasks that need to be done. This gives Justin a feeling of being needed by his employer, and offers a sense of accomplishment when he finishes a task. Last year, Justin was awarded Employee of the Quarter by Walmart- a recognition that he truly deserved. Justin loves working at Walmart, and if you ask anyone who works alongside him, you will hear about how much they enjoy having him there as well. His great sense of humor keeps others positive while working with him, and I look forward to checking in with him each month, knowing that I will hear about his latest basketball game or story of cleaning up an interesting spill.

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