Monday, April 29, 2019

Movie Lover, Quanita, Finds Work At A Local Movie Theatre

Movie Lover, Quanita, Finds Work At A Local Movie Theatre

Rachel McGregor, Vocational Counselor, was serving the Hampton Roads area when Quanita became her client in 2014.
Quanita works at a local movie theatre in the area and has been an employee there since 2013. After Quanita graduated from Project SEARCH in 2013 she began looking for a job that would fit the skills she had learned while working at the hospital during her internship. Her tasks at the movie theatre include following a task list to determine which theatres to clean after showings, maintaining the restrooms and keeping the lobby area up to par for guests. Quanita is very reliable, and will pick up any shift she is asked to work. She also has a lot of energy and can work on her feet for long periods of time. Quanita is very independent and lives close to work so she is able to walk if she is unable to find a ride. 
Obstacles Quanita has overcome in her position include limiting her socializing and identifying professional work boundaries. Quanita is very friendly and really enjoyed socializing with her peers. Learning appropriate work boundaries and professional social interactions have made Quanita a better employee.  She now also works as part of a team. When she first started, she had her own tasks, but she now works with her team members to get all the work done and is a great asset to them!
Quanita lives in a supportive living environment where she has learned to keep up with all the responsibilities that come along with work. She maintains her own uniform, plans her transportation, and keeps track of her personal finances. 
Since Quanita started working at the theatre, her managers have increased her hours significantly due to the improvements they have seen in her work performance over the years. When Quanita first started, she worked weekends only, and now she works between 30 and 36 hours a week.
Rachel monitors Quanita’s work performance monthly through observance as well as gathering feedback from her managers to ensure that she is maintaining job expectations. Rachel also offers assistance with communication between Quanita and her managers as required. 

When Quanita is not hard at work at the movie theater, you might have already guessed it, she loves watching movies! She also loves shopping for jewelry and make-up, especially lip gloss! One of the other things Quanita enjoys is helping to care for the children that live in her home.

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