Monday, November 27, 2017

Q&A Discussion Group for Ticket to Work!

Have questions about Ticket to Work?

Join our group orientation and Q & A session every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in our Richmond office location. Please call our office at (804) 278-9151 and provide your name and phone number to reserve a seat as seating is limited! No cost and no obligation.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Congratulations on the Helping Hands Award, Katherine Edwards!

Vocational Counselor Katherine Edwards of Hampton Roads recently received the Charles A. Wornom Helping Hands Award at the Hampton Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities Annual Luncheon!

Not only does she deserve this honor, but the way she received it was extra special as well…

Several weeks ago one of Katherine’s clients, a veteran with a disability that had been working with Katherine for over a year, got in touch with Ericka Neville, her supervisor, to divulge her plan of nominating her to receive the award from the Hampton Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities.  She had drafted a nomination letter to the committee and asked Ericka for review. 

She personally empowers me to be as independent as possible even though she continually monitors my needs to understand when I need assistance before I even ask for help.” Her client’s nomination letter reads.  "Her contribution to the needs of our community has been nothing less than amazing….. [and] enhances the lives of so many people in our community through employment training, job coaching community support and independence and thus empowering many to reach their goals and independence. I know, I’m one!” 

Inspired, Ericka wrote a letter of support of her own and conspiring together, came up with a plan to keep it a complete surprise. As a ruse, Ericka asked Katherine to help her “work a booth” for a Veterans Resource Fair the afternoon of the Luncheon.  When the day came, Ericka dropped Katherine's client at the Convention Center 15 minutes early to the start of the luncheon to reserve seats for all three of them. While Ericka walked Katherine into the building, she became very surprised that a luncheon was being held instead of a Veterans Fair and after seeing her client sitting at the table, was filled in about her nomination for the award! There were several nominees for this award and neither Ericka nor Katherine’s client knew who the winner was going to be. 

"They announced the first runner-up, then the second runner-up, and then we found out Katherine won!  We were just excited that she was nominated and being recognized for her hard work . . .  but then she actually won!” said Ericka when recalling that moment. 

In her nomination letter, Ericka writes, "Through The Choice Group, Katherine began providing community support services to female veterans about two years ago. Female veterans often have unique needs and Katherine has done an outstanding job in understanding those needs. She has pushed when needing to push, counseled during moments of crisis, and often times just listened when no one else had taken the time to do so." 

Both Katherine’s client and Ericka herald her dedication to going above and beyond at every turn in their nomination letters, and The Choice Group is so proud to have such a dedicated and caring Vocational Counselor in Katherine.

Congratulations on your achievement! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Situational Assessments Lead to Lasting Success!

Rebecca Myers began working with Elizabeth Hunter, or Lizzie in December of 2016.  After determining vocational goals based on Lizzie’s interests and skills, Ms. Myers arranged several situational assessments to determine what environment Lizzie would thrive in the most. Situational assessments are a great tool for vocational counselors, it not only helps the client find a preferential work situation but helps vocational counselors determine what specific types of supports are necessary for the job! Lizzie completed assessments at a grocery store and a fast food chain where she focused on cleaning as well as additional assessments at two large retail chains where merchandise was the main focus. Although she demonstrated she was proficient at both, Lizzie decided she liked food service the best. 

In March 2017, Lizzie gained employment at Domino’s in Broadway, Virginia! 
Being a people-person, she enjoys her work environment where she can interact with co-workers and customers.  She is detail oriented, which is important for her job as a dishwasher.  Her very first task when arriving to a shift is to wash the dishes and stack them to dry. When that’s complete, she moves to the front of the store where she fills and stocks to-go salad dressings, folds boxes, and completes various tasks wherever the restaurant needs.  Lizzie is a fast learner and picked up the dish routine very quickly.  She learned how to use the computer to clock in and out independently and she continues to work on increasing her speed when folding boxes.

Rebecca continues to check-in with Lizzie each shift. She works with Lizzie on multi-tasking; interacting with customers and co-workers while still remaining focused on her duties at hand.  When Lizzie first started her dishwashing routine, she and Rebecca worked together on stacking the dishes properly to air dry. 

“Lizzie has been awesome to work with,” says Rebecca, “Even when she is having a tough morning, as soon as she walked into Domino’s her attitude changes and she is ready to work!” In addition to training with Lizzie on her job duties, Rebecca has helped her to secure reliable transportation for her shifts.  Rebecca says the staff at Domino’s in Broadway have all been amazingly supportive. The operating manager, Melissa, tells Rebecca that Liz is a very hard worker and that she enjoys having her in the store! 

Lizzie’s favorite part of the job is doing dishes and prepping salad dressings but thinks she’s best at dishes. Outside of work, she enjoys other activities like volunteering at the animal shelter and shopping at Wal-Mart and Gabe’s.  When asked about work Lizzie says she loves the staff at Domino’s but loves her job the most “because I get paid!” 

Well said, Lizzie. Keep up the good work!